Excoriator’s Remembrance Hood

So at what point will this greedy company stop misleading customers. Employees on this forum mark every post that mentions balding on Zealot PREMIUM COSMETIC hoods as “not-a-bug” as if that’s intended, but patch notes claim that it’s still an issue.

So am I expected to research your forums and search through patch notes before buying cosmetics and somehow divinate between this conflicting information?
The fact that I can’t preview cosmetics is also clearly intentional since it works hand in hand with the premium currency which allows the greedy obese fish to withhold any sort of refund option.

I’m sure people are delighted they have to buy a 5$ pack which is more currency than you need, purchase a non previewable cosmetic and then find out it gives your character a Dr.Eggman forehead.

Premium cosmetics with less adaptability to hairstyles/beards than skyrim cosmetic mods from 10 years ago, and they were free.