Evidence of spam on maps

So they say that this map is not unfair and it is not the only time that the game makes two of this type appear, it even made gas rats appear and other elite ones that were almost a horde of pure elites. There are even enemies that once dead there is nothing around you and suddenly there is one behind you, pure stupidity.
And not only that, but after finishing the map and making the explosion, the visual effects practically leave you blind and put everything in the dark. even after finishing they keep dating instead of making them all disappear Vermintide 2 2021 03 16 19 18 21 - YouTube

Funny how you don’t even mention the name of the map and yet we know this is convo xD
I counted 9 SVs, 8 CWs, 4 gasrats, 2 ratlings, 2 hookrats and no blightstormers in two minutes. Also I find you had very few trash mobs.
I think this is pretty average for convo ending, but seing the numbers makes it quite evident that if the team is not capable of dealing with this elite density, things are going to go south quite fast ; and the difficulty of the event lies in recovering.

Note : This could’ve been a contribution here.


thanx for the link

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