Everytimee i try to buy Aquillas the game crashes

After i get to the aquilla store i try to buy the game just continuesly loads and nothing happenes im stuck in limbo i dont get to the steam page nor i get any messages

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Similar problem. When you click on the aquils purchase icon, the Fatshark logo starts spinning and nothing happens. (G. Trans.)

I don’t know if this would fix it, but make sure you Steam overlay is enabled. Check in two places, your Steam Settings / In-Game to make sure it’s enabled at all, then go to your Library, right-click Darktide, Properties / General and make sure you have it enabled there as well.

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It’s for the best :joy:

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Do not worry, this is going to be fixed with the highest priority :wink:

fatshark hates money clearly

:smiley: could you copy and paste the crash report produced, please?

the problem is the game is stuck in a pernament loading like in the Nonicknames post Everytimee i try to buy Aquillas the game crashes - #2 by nonickname
it is just stuck it will not do anything

I am using Steam and have my account wallet in Ukrainin Hrywnas as a payment metod. if this is any help

Problem solved. Steam overlay turned off :grin: sorry