Everyone want's singleplayer but

Played an excidental duo yesterday.


The other 2 bailed or crashed before mid event and the timer for map was only a few minutes before I started so no new players could join.
Duos and maybe even trios should be avalible as an option in pubs (whitout bots would be a nice addition).
Let me play with randoms that wan’t to play this and not have to fish for ppl on discords to set up a run.

Man i just want solo so i don’t end up griefing sedation when i finish the entire mission in 7 seconds.
I remember the good ol days of the assassination exploit where you could delete the boss before your team leaves the bridge

I don’t want solo…?

I play coop games so I get to interact with people in a team game. I don’t object to it, but I would always choose 4 humans over bots.


I want to be able to run duos with randoms preferably without bots

It would be nice to have more official means of setting duos and solos up, but people who ask for solo mode are a vocal tiny minority. You can kind of play duos (private games, just dont revive bots), and solo (you wont get the progression progress sadly). There is also a private mod which makes duos easier to set up, but last time I checked it blocked you from rejoining if you crashed…so far from a perfect solution.

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You demand stuff on this forum n youre already part of the minority. :joy:

Who is this everyone and are they in the room right now?

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I dont want single player, not sure where you got that idea.

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