Every shot counts doesn't work at all!

I’ve been wondering for over a week now if anyone from the team or the testers has ever done this challenge themselves?
It’s just impossible when you’re constantly being replenished with ammo.

Apart from the fact that you’re always the top A** for the team anyway because you have to play terribly badly.

Somewhere there is always someone who shoots at the enemy and so your own shot misses, your ammunition is refilled or towards the end when you try to get rid of the last shots someone still wants to get rid of their hand grenade and thus the shots go wrong. I’m sick of it, it’s starting to freak me out just running around with that stupid plasma gun or that useless revolver. Although I don’t want to use these weapons at all but have no other choice.

I also don’t want to be insulted by other players because of my way of playing because they are right if you can’t eliminate the sniper because it’s not a safe shot and then everyone dies. I hoped that something would finally be changed with the update, but no, it’s crap as before.

It’s all just massively frustrating and I really ask myself why I bought so many Aquilla for a game that ended up frustrating me so much that I didn’t feel like playing anymore.

I would be interested to know how many players made it without the exploid? 1%?

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