Problems with the aiming challenge for the sharpsooter

I thought this would be the easiest task, but I was massively mistaken. The only weapon that can do this is the revolver. This leads to the fact that there are often a lot of soldiers playing on difficulty 4 and many of them walking around with a revolver. Most of the time you can go straight out because it’s doomed to fail anyway. Then it has happened to me a hundred times that I shot an opponent and a millisecond before someone else shot and my shot missed and a supposedly safe shot leads to frustration again.

This challenge also leads to the fact that you have to bite through the game for another week in frustration. I have the feeling that pretty much all the challenges are not designed so that you have to create or achieve something specific yourself, but you kind of depend on a team for most things and basically if you work on a success, you can play the game directly leaving.

That was exactly the same as not getting hit, but that was the same thing. I was basically able to quit the game until I eventually made it. It’s been a week of pure frustration and I have a feeling it’s going to be the same here.

Ah and what I forgot. Worst thing that happened. Then you have the revolver empty, hit all the opponents and then at the exit the soldier next to you makes sure that I get a new cartridge. success failed. It can’t be like that.

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Use the plasma gun, charge it, and only shoot hordes. Do a mission that has a hot ending where hordes just keep coming until you choose to leave.

It still sucks and you still spend most of the time meleeing and not really doing your job. But it is doable.


It is a pretty bad penance because it really encourages you to grief your teammates and risk failing the mission. Not how it should be. I dont have a problem with hard challenges, but i really dont like the negative impact they have on other peoples games. This penance especially is really bad designed.


People who use Revolver are doing it wrong.
@HeavyMoney knows what’s up.

Plasma gun, low ammo count, multiple ammo usage on charge and a HUGE hitbox on it’s bullets.


Mhhh i think it can and will work buts still hard. There are so many Soldiers in the game. I try what you tell me but theres always so much other soldier player I can’t empty my Plasma gun complete…thats incredible bs.

Mentioned it before and I give the same tip to you.
The smelter map where you clear corruptions to get the forge running again.

Plasma gun, only shoot on safe shots aka into hordes or a mass of enemies. I encountered a Monstrosity which I emptied like 90% of my shots on because it’s difficult to miss that. Just wait till they are locked and aim at the center of mass just in case a knock / push shift them a little.

Then at the end there are only 4 ragers that spawn during the “hold out” period after clearing the 3 corruptions, after that you can’t get anymore surprise ammo.

Big bottleneck, lots of hordes, very difficult to miss a plasma shot. So you can empty there.
If you wanna make it even more safe you have the last hallway when you run to extraction. Straight path, all enemies run in a straight line, no weird dodging or pathfinding around stuff.
Empty any remainder there (I didn’t have to, i used the horde before the door opened). You can even ask your teammates. I have good luck with asking teammates about penances, I’ve found people in general very helpful in that regard.

That’s how I did it and took me 3 tries on that map I think because I did silly risky shots.

Good Luck!


Thank you very much for this tip :slight_smile: Sounds good i wil try it.