Ever-present elf

Im quite puzzled and confused about elf being lately (?) always present in the quickplay legend queue.
Or in the lobby search.
Im trying to finish the “all careers+all missions” portrait frame, and it’s extremely difficult to do so.
Elf is the last character I need. But it’s taken in most of the games, and hosting sometimes takes ages.
(Because they wait in queues as elves too?)
Is this anecdotal, or kerrilian’s ever-presence is common?

Could anyone enlighten me about the allure / necessity of the elf classes?
I can quite understand bossmelter Shade. Others -not so much.
Is this influenced by the class mechanics or there are just hundreds of tree lovers?

I did not notice this when I did the all careers all missions thing.

The allure?
The elf careers present an out of the box solution to most of this games issues, the passives and talent tree seems to be more obvious as to what they do, for example there seem to be no strange mechanical effects that you might miss like say the WHC highlight buff working on all highlighted enemies but only for 5 seconds and only if the WJC is not tied up at the time, or the Unchained remove overcharge by blocking ability.

Personally though I’d have to say that my experience is that the elf is not played too heavily. There always seems to be a spot. I

The handmaiden is perhaps the easiest survivable/useful contributing class I’ve played.
The glaive is easy to understand, and works ok vs most situations.
The Bows are fast accurate, and have nice all-round usefulness.
Oh and her voice lines are caustic as all hell towards the other players
(That said your really missing out if you only ever hear the elf.)

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Elf is lame + it is a she. Naturally, everyone wants to play the elf. Just host your own games.

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All 3 elf-careers are strong / broken in some way.

  • The overall weapon-arsenal is the best you could get in this game. (waveclear + AP)
  • All 3 careers got a strong kit, strong mobility and surviveability.
  • All 3 careers are able to deal tons of boss-dmg. (Hagbane/dual daggers)
  • The Waystalker got infinite ammunition, life-reg, extended dodge-range, a special/elite-killer ultimate and crit-buffs. I don´t have to say anymore or?
  • The Handmaiden got the F-Button + more Hero-Power. Give her Dual-Daggers and use the stealth perk and you´ll be able to kill the whole map, while you spam F. She is the reason, why nearly everyone is able to do speedrun´s or “true-solo´s”.
  • The shade is the shade. If you asked me, she is not that strong as the other 2 careers, but as long as she can melt bosses and oneshot any CW with a low cooldown, she´ll always be that present.

Kerillian got the strongest / easiest to play careers. They´re all 3 good at everything, got super strong ultimates with a quite low cooldown and the overall kits are comfortable.
It´s the same like everyone played ironbreaker or still plays beam-staff pyro. If you want loot and green circles, play elf.

Oh and she was always present. (Even in V1 because of her strength. Someone at FS seems to love elf´s.)


Apparently, she was the most popular character in VT1 already, and that hasn’t changed. She has good weapons (even aside from DD/HB), the Careers are strong and not overly hard to play, and each has ways to survive well. And the most important thing, she’s fun to play for many.

Of course, cynical people toss out jabs on her condescending attitude appealing to trolls and her being attractive (well, considering what we see of her) female appealing to male gamers, but I think those comments are more jokes and annoyance than anything else.

All FS can really do to change different characters’ or Careers’ popularity is to keep balancing them, so that there’s less reason to pick a particular one for effectiveness. Some will still always be more popular than others, and I doubt Kerillian is going to lose any of her popularity.


Because she’s the most fun to play imo. A lot of variable weapons and interesting abilities whilst dodgedancing for days.
So is slayer btw :wink:

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Thank you all for replies.
Never understood the appeal of agile bowmen classes, personaly I’d almost never play Kerrilian if not for achievements/understanding.
Also, good wutelgi is dead wutelgi.

Nonetheless, good points have been made.
I will look into the details and will try them.
Hope to find newest and future balancing to distribute players more evenly.

She was the most popular?(??!!)
Time to die.

All of Keri’s carreers are just very well-rounded and well-defined in their roles and can still be tailored and customized very easily within their definition. Her abilities and talents have high synergy and overall, she is geared towards high-energy offensive play, mobility and raw damage. She has no tank-carreer to speak of and trades that for a high variety in offensive options. Her weapons are strong with none really being sub-par when compared to other characters or her own arsenal (1h sword sees comparitively little use but is actually a good weapon, just boring, and longbow lacks profile).
She is very intuitive to play and doesn’t require to work around quirky attack chains or non-obvious uses for her abilities. What you see is what you get and it translates very well into actual gameplay. Whatever you gear her towards, she can excel at that without falling into obscurity in other regards.
Couple that with the fact that she is an exotic race and has a very… let’s say “distinct” personality and it is little wonder why she is so popular. Keri seems to most well-balanced and well-rounded of the bunch and should be the mold of where to head with the others.

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Elf fetishists, bro.

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Started playing WS to stop bad elfs from hagging me in QP. Now I have to deal with beam wigglers. There’s just no way to win.


If you play X, you’ll always get at least 1 Y, where Y may stand for :
Hagbane/Swiftbow Waystalker with “lol360nosc0pe” attitude,
Beam Wiggler dying to a sidestepping slaverat
Bow Huntsman that’s never heard about breakpoints
Grudgeraker Dwarven Bomberman dead in 5s into horde and chill
Falchion/Volley BH built just for ammo regen

Warhammer isnt built for winning, it’s for suffering as long as possible.
Also, there’s neverending supply of eternal noobs.

Kill On Sight.

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In addition to all the actual reasons, it really doesn’t take a lot for confirmation bias to set in. As you yourself occupy one character, there’s 3/4 chance (in theory, disregarding actual popularity) that a particular character appears. If it’s one whose appearance you pay attention to, the bias starts setting in, as you notice that particular one and ignore the others. The chance gets clearly lower (my simple half-forgotten probability calculation tells 1/12 in three separate chances, going to 3/12, i. e. 1/4) if you only care about a particular Career, as is the case with WS or Beam Pyro frustration, but that’s still quite enough to notice them “every time”.

Problem described didnt occur on other careers, or wasnt as prevalent.
Only when finishing dwarf had some trouble, but to far lesser extent, with finding a game.
From what I’ve seen it’s usually 3 middle characters (as represented in window) are far more occupied.
Elf->Dwarf>Saltz, usually that order.
Siennas and Krubers are usually free.
Yes, it is anecdotal, which I visibly stated in the first post, and asked about your feedback, since im quite curious on that matters.

Would love a graph from Fatshark showing %% of missions played/ completed by characters.
Until then, it’s all imponderabilia.

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Kerillian is just too good at too much for weaker players to not take her. Her weapon spread is so effective it’s a bit silly, and as WS when you couple it with the infinite ammo, health regen, increased dodge distance and no-aiming-or-skill ult you get a entry level class designed to appeal to COD players and L4D players who transfer across. L4D players who move across will feel right at home with Keri WS.

IN the hands of someone who actually knows the breakpoints, playstyles and strengths of Keri WS the whole thing becomes a sightseeing tour of a burned out Helmgart, as the WS rips through everything with impunity and you trundle along behind watching corpses get peppered with arrows.

Trying to convince players to leave Keri when she is such a well rounded character who can GET MAH GREEN CIRCLZ and behave recklessly with much less serious consequences than other characters is an exercise in futility.

If FS hamstring WS and FLYFREEmancer by requiring skill to aim their ult, how are the console players using a controller going to take out multiple special effectively?

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I can get behind this whole paragraph more and more as im doing levels with first, most despicable career.
Also im doing surprising amounts of dmg on handmaiden. And NEVER run out of stamina.
Feels different than other tanks, going more onto push/evasion which handles well and is refreshing.

BUT whoever gave tanky, frontline character invisibility on ult, in game where enemies can switch targets mid swing, deserves electric chair. We need a hall of shame for such designers.

Here, not so much. There are classes that can get much more of the breakpoints deal.
Slayer being first here I’d say. Also, BH and wizard can outspam her at long distance, and tend to be more effective.

Ults are far too weak to require aiming, and if they did they’d be just sad copies of BH’s sidearm.
This needs much more consideration or whole rework.

Console players are separate from PC players, and are playing careers requiring aim on controllers already. Cant say how much aim assist is there as I dont own any console, nor plan to.

The ever-present hero in my experience is pyro with beam staff who likes to stat pad by left clicking and aggro every possible thing in sight while I struggle to headshot the staggering/approaching enemies who can’t seem to decide on a target. “A SHIELDVERMIN? LET ME HOLD LEFT CLICK ON HIS UNSUSPECTING ASS AND NOT LET SOMEONE ELSE DEAL WITH IT” Also I don’t understand this level of praise for the elf. She’s decent imo but doesn’t hit all that hard compared to other classes. Her longbow is objectively worse than kruber’s (3 shots for sv, kruber’s is 2), swift bow has no ap, all her horde clear melee weapons have poor ap aside from glaive. What she does generally have over other characters is dodge range but survivability is only slightly more than the other base 100 hp classes.
Edit: I said kruber had an objectively better longbow, I think this is generally true but didn’t know elven longbow had a higher headshot multiplier

i play the elf cos i’m superficial and she’s the closest thing to ‘pretty’ in this game, and that’s saying a lot because we don’t even see half her face

make something else young and cute please!

But…But… OP Pyro ranged meta? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? HOW!?

Seriously though, that is my experience, also. Kruber and Sienna are usually easiest to fill in, which I don’t mind, at least for ol’ Kruber, since Merc is one of my favourite things to play.

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Playing any kind of melee with bad ranged behind you is going to hurt like heck.

I used to play a lot of shade but there were times when i just got straight up murdered by bardin/kruber not aiming their shotguns properly.

Seriously, those things do like 20 damage per square shot, its evil.


Keri waystalker is loved because her regen makes melee less punishing than other ranged classes, she is essentially a ranger type rather than a true archer, other ranged careers can usually outperform her in pretty much anything she might wana specialize in aside from maybe horde clearing from a distance.

Handmaiden is fun because she is good with hordes and is highly mobile too, i am currently playing it, i typically murder all the smaller adds and let my team take anything bigger.

Oh and she is good with bosses too! High stamina and dodge makes avoiding damage even when you have their aggro pretty doable as long as you are careful.

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