ETA for the expansion?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but have the devs announced the release date or a smaller time window then “2019” for the new expansion? I remember hearing that it was due to release in June, is this true?

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Summer, they didnt stated any other things than just that


Late Summer for PC we hope, and consoles after that. Sorry I can’t be more precise!


Freeze me till release :pray::pray:


Late Summer? And that’s just if everything goes accordingly? Man, I don’t even get to use the vacation for it then. That’s a bummer.

Oh well, I’d rather give up the extra time and have it come out great, than have it be rushed and not be functional on launch.

First world problems amirite fellas

Thanks for the info Julia!

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What about that [PC] Closed Test - Sign Up ? Any info or you just take few ppl and didnt say anything to rest of community?


Yeah, I’ve been really wondering about that, too. Like, I don’t mind waiting, I just hate the idea that I missed it and didn’t know. XD I check every email folder every day to make sure that there’s no invitation I just missed.

All previous beta tests have happened only around 2 weeks before it goes live. Therfore, late summer release date, means we won’t see any beta until August I’m guessing? With late summer being September, as the summer official ends on September 23rd?

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Summer in the UK is some random three days between May and September. It only really last for three days, and during this three days there is a mushroom cloud of barbecue smoke over the entire UK and everyone ignores common sense and basic functions to get roaring drunk on dark fruits cider and make sure their own skin is absolutely scorched off by the ultraviolet radiation from the nearest star.

Purely for my own personal benefit, could we make the "late summer " to be the week commencing 25th August. Also, could someone confirm that we’re getting a Doom Bull as a boss?


Hahahaha now THAT was funny :clap::clap:

The most tragic news. :scream:

If the Minotaur on the cover art wasn’t selling it enough, this article confirms that the Minotaur will be a “dual-wielding maniac” style boss.

Just skip down to the section of the article titled “Know what’s best”.

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