Winds of Magic release date please

Don’t you think it’s time to know the release date for this DLC for all platforms xbox one/ps4/pc.
Fatshark said this summer ok but it’s too much generic… summer starts on june 21st i guess so that could be the release date??? Let’s have a final date come on please!

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Or they’re done when they’re done. A date won’t improve anything (arguably it will be worse).


Ouch that hurts…late summer on pc and later on consoles… that means it could arrive on september even october on xbox/ps4… too bad
I really hoped for june/july release date both on pc and console at the same time…

September is still summer btw. Summer ends on September 23rd.

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Ok as you say but i expected to be sooner at least two month early. We will wait
Meanwhile there is warhammer chaosbane coming next week :):grinning:

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Well, to be fair. They haven’t released much info so far. They are probably gonna tease out more and more info as we get closer to release date, to build up hype.

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I played the beta looks promising and interesting… let’s hope it won’t get boring or repetitive

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Hopefully its better than inquisitor martyr. Looks like it has a faster pace like diablo 3.

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Right it’s a vermintide diablo like so let’s hope the loot for weapons and armors will be worthy to play along the whole game and not just at the beginning

The fact that FS have had playable demos for WoM at some events is a really good sign, it suggests to me that they’ll be taking a lot of time to work out bugs.

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