Plenty of Opportunities (BETA)

Soo, where are the promised “Plenty of Opportunities” to play this Game before release?!
It releases soon and it would be neat to have a Beta Guys ^^

I agree with this post gameplay so far looks fantastic just gotta get hands on and help with the testing

someone said there will be a chance to play the game before launch but who knows when that will be guessing a week or two before game is out

Sir, dont come in swinging if you havent been paying attention.

They’ve already had a beta signup wave, i didnt partake of that so i am not clear on the details but from what i heard this beta is set to open this month and the game fully in november.

Presumably late november or early december.

Yes right. Signup we had a while ago.
Then last week was another signup, but a Closed Technical Test. So i wrote the Topic before the 2nd Signup.

But Signup and Playing are not the same ^^
On Stream they said we get more “specific Tests” depending on what PC specs one has.
Phrase “Plenty of Opportunities” was FS Statement last Year if i remember correct.
Yes, the Stone is rolling now and we get Opportunities now!

They might have been talking about the press events as well. People, even non-press people, got to play it at the Skull Throne event (E: or no, it was the Summer Game Fest, wasn’t it?). Supposedly, the same or similar thing will be offered at Gamescom. I guess if you’re in Germany or thereabouts you can look 'em up. Otherwise, it’s hoping to get into the technical tests. Rumors persist of a beta available to pre-orders, likely the few weeks just before launch like what VT2 did.

There will be more Technical Test.
Test depending on what PC Specs you have
and a General Open Beata Test for sure!

I was under the impression playing at SGF was strictly for press and people Fatshark invited (MoopShark etc.)

Sry what u mean with SGF(SummerGameFest)?

Nah there was Closed Technical Test last Week as far as i know. Was in Announcement and on Stream

I was referring specifically to Summer Games Fest

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There are people saying there is a booth that you just line up for and play 4 people at a time. Shame that Cologne is a bit out of the way for me.

Yep seems like Gamescom open to public. Shame you can’t go but here’s hoping second test shortly after the event