Error Code 4008

Please I Do need help i’ve been trying to fix my damn game for 3 hours i bought it recently because i like it a lot and i dont want to refund it i bought it from Steam

My issue is related to some error code 4008 the game worked fine during the prologue and after i finished the basic/advanced training and was suppose to start the main missions the game kicks me to the Menu and says Failed To Join server error code 4008

I’ve tried so many things and NON of it worked

Restarted My PC
Restarted My Router
Restarted My Steam
Deleted My Newly Made save files
Made 2 characters thinking one might be the problem or something
Made sure my firewall allowing the game to run
Updated my Graphic drive
Veryifed game files

Done all that and Nothing still works

I never had an issue like this before in any coop / multi player game so why in this one

some people said its ISP thing or whatever but idk about any of that internet stuff all i want to do is just enjoy and play the damn game already i am using 4G Internet thing i guess and thats all i know so any fixes or solutions PLEASE because i am really tired of that…

We’ll continue our chat via the Support Portal. :slight_smile: