Equipment and upgrades

I don’t know if this makes any sense I’m pretty fresh in the whole 40k universe so my suggestions might be completely out of line.

But I want to see more equipment in the game such as :
*Wrist guards
and every piece of gear that you earn or can buy from the store should be able to have a bunch of specific areas for attachments that can provide with extra Armor/HP/Buffs that you can customize and upgrade for your own liking.
Also for the visual part which I think is one of the most important subject not necessarily to improve your performance in-game but more for the mental state of the players not feeling like they are being left out, So every part you add unto your gear will be shown and these parts also have different shaders and such you can customize, the reason I am mentioning this is because there are just people out there that cannot afford the expensive store stuff and I feel like those players like everyone else should have a chance to feel supported as much as they support the developers and their game.
Anyway for the upgrading system let me give you an example … I am playing as an Ogryn that is my main class and I’m going with a Shield build so what I would want to see for the shield weapon for example to make it possible to have around 10-20 areas on that shield where we can If having the in-game currency for it buy a “Spike” and add it there for an extra 0.3% bleed or damage increase? or adding a “Bolt” for 0.5% extra defence?
That was just an example for the shield maybe this could become a system similar with other types of equipment as well where everything else have ("parts/areas) that you can upgrade stuff with to improve yourself to make the game even more interactive and it also makes the game more challenging and gives us more time to grind without having to wait for more maps :).
Please let me know what you people think of this and also have mercy upon my soul I do write like an absolute Ogryn. Cheers


Good Idea

yeah …but then they would nead to remodel all skins from both shops & it is to hard for them to do…you know work to much work^

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Yea makes sense but it could be something they could consider and look for the future… it would really be appreciated by players including myself of course :slight_smile:

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