Engineer Talent "Leading Shots" doesn't work with Drakefire cannon AND makes the weapon have 0 crit chance. Intentional?

Title. As it would seem, the talent does not seem to be working with drakefire cannon at all, and it seems to remove critical strikes completely from the weapon. Just test it in the keep. I know that the cannon does not get increased damage from crits, but it can crit.

Seems to work perfectly fine with pistols. Is “Leading Shots” not working at all with cannon intentional? If so: Why?

I’d also like to suggest to make “scavanged shot” work with drakefire weapons, as in: The free shot makes your next drakefire attack not generate heat. Right now, “Armour Piercing Slugs” is basically the only effective choice when using the cannon, which is fine because being able to hit 2 targets at once is a big deal for cannon, but more build-variety would be much welcome.

This talent does not work in the keep. It does work in missions, though. Been playing with drakefire with Hunter trait. So far it seems to work.

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Cheers for the clarification!

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