Drakegun and Engineer After Patch 3.4

I’ve been trying weapon combinations for Outcast Engineer for some time and noticed that weapon traits (Resourceful Sharpshooter, Barrage etc.) don’t work with Bardin’s Drakegun anymore.
I’ve tested it with Drakefire Pistols and Crankgun and everything is ok with them.
Here’s the video (I used Leading Shots to get guaranteed crits):

Does Resourceful even work with engi? I noticed the CDR on trinket did nothing and figured it was just a casualty of how the new ult mechanic works.

They do work in game, but don’t work in the keep anymore. It has been like that for quite a while, actually. Same with Sienna’s flamethrower.

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It actually worked with pistols (at 0:18, for example).
@Licious-D, thanks for clarification. However, it’s still an issue and should be fixed.


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