Engineer, Gunsmith and Drake Fire Weapons

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The topic I’d like to bring up is Outcast Engineer’s passive ability Gunsmith. According to description, it increases max Ammo by 50%.

However, it doesn’t affect drake fire weapons, such as drakefire pistols and drakegun. Either it was forgotten or made on purpose.

And I consider this unfair. Despite being able to use those weapons, he has nothing to boost their effectiveness. On the contrary, Ironbreaker can use drake fire weapons AND talent Rising Pressure, which gives a set of nice bonuses, useful to fire oriented character build.

To make things clear, here are two small videos of Engineer and Ironbreaker using drakefire pistols. It takes 19 shots to explode for both careers, meaning heat capacity is the same.

Therefore, I propose a change – heat capacity (not entirely sure if I named it correctly) should be affected by Engineer’s passive Gunsmith, increasing it by 50%.

So, what do you think?

Should Gunsmith Affect Drake Fire Weapons?
  • Yes, it should be a thing
  • No, I prefer the current situation
  • Nerf it, please
  • Remove ranged weapons from the game, I like Blightstorm carousels

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Umm, Rising Pressure does not affect non-drakefire weapons too. What do you reckon it should do when I equip a handgun on IB then?

Should it increase the Heat Meter (150% ammo) or decrease reload time (+50 heat decrease speed)

Of course not, what are you talikng about?
I meant that drake fire guns feel left behind with the passive not affecting them. Ironbreaker has way to play around, and I find it unfair and suggest a solution for Engineer.
@Arthadaw, the first option was my initial suggestion.

I think it should, and I think OE should get one dedicated drakefire talent somehow that ties in with the crank gun. Maybe high overcharge adding up to three extra crank stacks (reasoning being the alchemical fire from the drakefire stokes his backpack-stove), red and orange overcharge adding fire damage to crank gun bullets while firing the crank gun depleats overcharge, something like that.


I was a little sad at first that engi didn’t bring any drakefire specific talents, but Leading Shots, and Armor Piercing Slugs and his damage increase passive still have a nice effect on drakefire builds.

But, I’m not going to say ‘No’ to his passive increasing his overcharge or vent rate, either.


Actually Engineer do not need to 150% heat capacity:
Leading Shots - makes Dr.cannon constantly crit.
Armour Piercing Slugs - make LMB of Dr.Pistols much better vs hordes.

150% capacity on top of that will actually skew things even more.

How about Scavenged Shot actually affect the weapons? Like 1 free shot of 1~1,5 seconds of not generating heat?

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///////////Flamethrower - Chaos/Inf/Berserkers (Heat Sink)////////// As of 26/11/2020, Heat Sink with Leading Shots has no interaction with the fully charged flamethrower. Thermal Equalizer or Hunter are recommended instead.

So apparently Leading Shots and Heat Sink do not work together or are bugged. Which further makes me think that no overcharge buffs are needed.

My main build is Flamethrower with Heat Sink and Leading Shots.

It’s viable on Cata and Cata+, with the use of Stagger THP and Shield Weapons.

With this build, you can rotate between Flamethrower and Crankgun, clearing Hordes WITHOUT needing Barrage or Hunter (he gets 10% Ranged Power + Enhanced Power, on top of whatever else you want, most likely Chaos/Berserkers).

It therefore does not need more ammo, because the Crankgun can be used as an extension to the Flamethrower.

For this reason, I am against it getting overcharge buffs.

Would I like to see a Talent more relevant to Drakefire Weapons? Sure, but Overcharge isn’t what it needs.


It would be consistent, but “necessary” it is not. I’d rather have some drakefire synergy, because honestly, the more I think about it, the more obvious it becomes. I mean, he has a friggin stove on his back, it kinda begs for some alchemical-fire-shenannigans.

I mean, the perk is called “Gunsmith”, so a strong argument could be made that he indeed modified his drakefire weapons to be more heat efficient, and thus, provide 50% longer overcharge bars. To me, there is very little reason to exclude drakefire weapons from his perk. They aren’t THAT strong to warrant being at disadvantage compared to the other ranged weapons. He’s Bardin’s second ranged carreer, might as well go all the way with this.

Totally agree… even because, cmon, he has an heater on his back! He needs some cool synergies with fire and flames.

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