Outcast Engineer Drakegun Heatsink Not Refunding Overcharge

The trait for the Drakegun “Heatsink” might not be working as intended.

I was recently trying out the new class “Outcast Engineer” for Bardin and the perk that gives you a crit every fourth ranged shot known as “Leading Shots”. I thought, what if I’d put on the drakegun? So i did.

Sidenote: I am aware that heatsink was nerfed in the past as a balancing measure against infinite usage, however i’m sure this rebalancing clashes with the new class release. As I will demonstrate shortly.

Example 1: Example 1# - Album on Imgur
Example 2: Example of Charged Drakegun not refunding 2# - Album on Imgur

As you can in these videos, I am at 3 charges of “Leading Shots” Meaning that my next charged attack should refund the overcharge of the Drakegun. However as you can see, it does not, the perk does work when you use the short burst.

Furthermore, using the charged attack and getting multiple crits does not seem to refund and charge for the drakegun.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. Get an outcast engineer with Leading shots.
  2. Get a drakegun with heat sink.
  3. Get to full stacks (3) before firing with the drakegun.

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful.


As you see in your own vid, the charged drakegun actually does a ton of tiny hits, and your talent is making every 4th a crit.
This specific tick is then also the one that gets a heatsink cost refund.
If you were to have 100% crit, you wouldn’t see any increase in heat while hitting enemies.

The heat gained from charging it up isn’t part of any attack, and thus isn’t refunded.

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Yeah I assume this is the internal logic. Kind of a shame though. Makes it a useless trait for flamethrowers, even with Engi’s ability to reliably crit with it. Seems like a potentially nice, kinda niche synergy that would be cool to have as an option.

At least we get Hunter Drakegun out of leading shots I guess which is kinda cool.

You are right, it might count the miniscule heat gained from firing after the inital heat-start-up as the actual refundable charge.
A shame but thank you for clarifying!

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