Enemy voice lines

How many voice lines do you think have SV 6-7? No he have 12min of voice lines in 1,6k hours i never heard half of it

Even literally Leech have tons of voice lines and you hear only around 5. Rest of them never triggers.

Do they have some super stupid trigger to do activate those voice lines? Do anyone ever heard 3:39 voice line ingame?

@Fatshark_Hedge please shed some light on this?


Some of those voicelines are restricted to being heard only by the one being sucked - if you don’t or only very rarely get sucked and/also that state gets removed very quickly, you won’t hear them. So, my advice for hearing them: suck more to get sucked more.

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Further, the ‘being incapacitated’ sound is way overtuned, so the actual Leech line gets overshadowed by it.


Yeah but check out SV voicelines there is tone of them and I didnt heard like 3/4 of them at all

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Yeah most of those lines sound like they are from V1, i remember some of them. Maybe they were ported into game 2 without being integrated (on purpose)?

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