Enemy collision with ram/cart

Can someone explain me why enemies can pass through ram (in WC) or mine cart (in HitD) while the characters are repelled by them like they touch an antigravity field?

Idk if it was changed in some patch but some time ago enemies were pushed away by cart or ram.
Now they just consider them like ethereal.


Probably bugs.

We got plenty of those and they seem capable of multiplying in response to anything that affects the game code.


It was always like that regardless of whether you’re hosting on not . It is a bug, it was reported (including by me recently) a number of times. FS doesn’t care enough to fix it.

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They probably do care, they are fairly nice, but their backlog is years long, literally :sob:


They care but they prefer to add more bugs than fixing the existing ones. :rofl:

Getting overheaded by a SV when you try to push the cart and you cannot see it it’s not very enjoyable

Hence the word “enough” :sweat_smile:

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Yep I was joking. They aren’t fixing any major bugs for good.
CW seems a decent expansion but I fear the amount of bugs which will resurface

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