Enemies can run through players in rare occasions

Love it when an enemy runs through you and then hits you as you’re reacting to the rare occurrence that just happened.

I usually see this with running attacks.


I think “rare” is an understatement. Even though not as extreme as in your clip, i encounter several of those ethereal Skaven or Rotbloods in any usual match.


Teleporting Enemies (away or into Existence is totally common ) in nearly every Game. And im not making this up. I played Cata the whole Day yesterday and since there are so much more Enemies its much more noticeable. I always have Enemies in my back stabbing and downing me, even when i just went around the Corner or so and there WAS NONE ENEMY THERE. 2 secs later im downed becasue i got backstabbed. Its super annoying really. You cant do anythign about it!


rare occasions?
It happens in every run.


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