End of Citadel crash and monster health yoyoing

We went up to the last map with a group. The game crashed, we migrated and restarted the citadel, crashed again, migrated again, then die. All three times, we went to the last stage. Not sure about the first time, but the two other, the monster health was bugged, going up and down randomly, sometimes going farther than the health box. Died and respawned I thing, troll going up and down.
Here are my crash dumps (I hosted the second) and my logs
console-2021-05-10-14.05.55-6dd20467-71df-424e-8583-722cda3084e1.log (4.0 MB)
console-2021-05-10-16.14.29-daa68611-87f9-4378-9402-e2c6976927f9.log (626.9 KB)
crash_dump-2021-05-10-14.05.55-6dd20467-71df-424e-8583-722cda3084e1.dmp (641.5 KB)

And my friend’s, who hosted the first and the 3rd

console-2021-05-10-16.08.01-c637b446-4af9-4bd8-a3f0-793554a3801e.log (1.0 MB)
console-2021-05-10-14.06.28-5299b784-9838-4687-94ee-2b47d44dcceb.log (2.8 MB)
console-2021-05-10-16.04.41-5ea03dca-b5bc-47a4-bc44-7ad979af9713.log (1001.9 KB)


This seems related to this :

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Maybe something to do with Khorne’s hexed enemies doubling max health too.


@FatsharkJulia This is what he’s talking about:

I’ve had it happen in my game. The hex modifier causes quirky things just like Standard Bearers can.

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Just ran into this. Hex buffed troll tried to instantly die and crashed the game 3 runs in a row before we gave up and quit.

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