Crash on Citadel Arena


Game crashed earlier today in the last part of the Citadel Arena, a few seconds after I got pushed away by a boss and I started hanging on a ledge near the entrance of the last arena. It could have been the ledge of the temporary stairs, but I think it was on its left.

Additionnal info:

  • Game was on Cataclysm
  • I was the host
  • I was playing Bounty Hunter
  • I was trying to throw Mordim’s bomb when I got knocked by the boss, so maybe it was equipped
  • The active curse was Hexed enemies

Thankfully host migration worked and I had a friend in the game so I could join back and we managed to finish the run!

crash_dump-2021-05-11-10.06.14-f0d9aaba-d8c7-4172-9dd5-b4c5f1975205.dmp (597.4 KB)

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