Concerned following a crash; Crashes pt

Playing as shade, on the first platform in Citadel, was getting surrounded and went invisible, got a “You have been disconnected message etc” and was sent to the keep. Try joining back, it’s a friend i’m playing with, and it goes to an immediate “Failed to join”. I can provide logs if needed, i didn’t get any crash reports. Another odd part, is that the both Quick Chat and normal chat seemed to die during that run, resorting to using steam chat to talk.

  1. On Citadel, during the final event, have had multiple cases of bying, only to respawn on the first or second platform.
  2. During the new trials, if you have an event already going, say for instance “Leave the town”, and the trial gives you Bloodkine Brayherd, the text may not even come up notifiying the player of the trial event.
  3. Not a crash, but i don’t recall seeing anything in the patch notes about the new trial challenges, and even for a veteran player, having 4 Bestigor and 4 Flag bearers pop up with a horde is a bit on the…tedious side. Can a blog or update be posted about said new trial challenges?
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