Crashes, bugs, etc to report part(i lost count i got really mad at one crash)

  1. So far, i haven’t had a crash report show when a crash would happen for this, but when me and my brotherplay vermintide, on the same internet which can handle us both, being as either host or client will give me such horrendous lag to the point it will just crash, the audio will take so long to catch up from events (Leech Spawning etc), or one of us will be given the error message of “Lost contact to host”. Like i said, i haven’t gotten a Crash GUID or report to copy and paste, just experiences.
  2. Maybe it’s just me and my terrible luck with trying to get Citadel done casually, but a big instance i had today that forced a fail, was that i was playing as Pyromancer and went to upgrade my Bolt staff. After getting new staff, said new staff did NOT show, even with the attempt to go down and revived. Most of that map was Kruber stuck in a “give” position. (i had addaioth AND twinned do you know how much that hurts)
  3. GUID: 274f8fc3-02c0-4f7e-b78b-257265bcab6d
    Crash Link:
    crashify://274f8fc3-02c0-4f7e-b78b-257265bcab6d Delayed load time, taks manager said it wa not responding, a few seconds later got this crash
    3.1: GUID: 446c738d-f9f7-4418-b749-7cf986da9400
    Crash Link:
    3.2: GUID: 956f4290-9d85-41f1-b08d-cf25f7bb601d
    Crash Link:
    3.3: This is the one when i almost flew into a rage. Game froze for a solid minute, crash then no crash report, next day receive this: GUID: 96b97fd4-3646-42cd-91d6-d4118951ef43

[Script Error]: …s/behaviour/nodes/bot/bt_bot_activate_ability_action.lua:106: attempt to index local ‘wielded_slot_data’ (a nil value)

Apologies if it’s a bit spammish, i just really love this game, and after nearly 2.5k hours i just haven’t gotten a smooth experience.

Could you try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel, and see if there’s any improvement?

If I recall correctly, this occurs as a result of a slow hard drive. Could that be the case for you?

One of the errors I can see that intrigues me is 30004 (Unexpected Error. (WaitForSingleObject Failed: 2)) which is being produced by Easy Anti-Cheat. As a starting point, please have a look at the solutions here

This is a code-related issue which I’ve added to our database. Thank you and apologies!

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