CW Citadel Respawn

Died on 3rd platform before final citadel platform. Respawned on 2nd platform making me unreachable. Tried rejoining the game to no avail. Extremely frustrating since I did the whole run only for this to screw my run. 8(

Image attached.


that happens when your team moves up a platform before you respawn instead of staying on the platform you died on. has happened to me so many times.

so next time you or someone else dies, tell them to stay on the platform. do NOT move up. you will spawn on that platform. hope it gets fixed but this is the only way to prevent it in the meantime :slight_smile:

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This is helpful - thanks for the reply!

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you’re welcome! i play way too much chaos wastes… shhh do not tell anyone :slight_smile:

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