Elf weapon feedback for legend

Impossible. The best I can do is make a voting for each individual weapon and make the majority decide what’s good and what’s bad.

I tried doing this, but it was very hard, since people mainly ignored original topic question, so I had to constantly monitor the topic, asking people directly. Also the lack of built-in voting system didn’t help at all.

I have already done similar thing btw, compiling the most needed changes. But it took me dozens of hours, more than 100 actually; and after finishing it I made a conclusion for myself, that such a thing is not worth doing at all if you’re not getting paid.

So I do ask people from time to time about the stuff that really interests me, but I am do not have any intentions of making yet another giant compilation.

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+1 i would never even start one as i mainly only write when i commute or is on the john : >

Forums are good for a general opinion from my experience.

I really do hope whoever monitors these forums take most things with a grain of salt. Since i’m sure there’s certain persons opinion they will take a bit more serious than some guy saying storm vermins are stupid because his light attacks cant 1 shot them etc. I havent watched too much from a guy like J.sat but he seems incredibly knowledgable about the games mechanics as a whole, i wouldn’t be surprised if got asked something along the lines of ‘’ What is your opinion on x y z’’.

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There is nothing to not understand. Explain how a weapon of the same class but a higher tier, with literally THIRTY TIMES THE POWER as the lower tiered weapon, only do 5% more damage?

What ways does one need to twist their own logic to justify that preposterously inept system?

It defies logic, it is counter to good design, and anyone who thinks that such a system makes sense much less is the best one does not wish to partake in any discussion any way, but rather do exactly what they accuse others of: “this is how I feel, deal with it”

OP has offered detailed critiques of each weapon, explained their positions on each one thoughtfully, and left more than enough room for debate. I don’t know what made you think that there needed to be a question here, because this section of the forum is explicitly titled “feedback”. Not sure how you missed it.

If this feels like “Groundhog’s Day” to you, that is because multiple people are noticing the same issues. I don’t agree 100% with OP, but there is clearly an issue with the game’s balance and the communication of that balance, and that is a common thread throughout much of the feedback for the current state of the game.

One more thing I’ll say about OP is at least they are trying to help Fatshark make this game what it deserves to be and so close to becoming, whereas all you’re doing is whining about someone having a different opinion than you.

I guess you missed the part where @NikKotovski said the OP has basically created the exact same thread multiple times…? So, not multiple people… lol

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i’ve stacked max crit but this isn’t a guaranteed to fill up your ammo, you still have to get lucky. if i am on 9 ammo, i’m not gonna risk depleting my ammo and be useless against specials after that, rather fill up with backstabs.

but yes, the xbow is godly strong against straight line hordes, provided you have ammo to spam. actually i take it back it’s godly against everything, the burst dps of the xbow is really strong.

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You didn’t get it, dude. That’s the OP from here, and he is not arguing about elf weapons, he is trying to argue about his topic.

Well… derp! I stand corrected.

Being good at the game, and being knowledgable - is two different things, and one doesn’t guarantee the other. One can understand the gameplay intuitively and be very good at it, while being bad at understanding the game from theoretical perspective, and vice versa. And that’s the problem

Moreover, a good player is likely to understand what good players need from the game. But what about an average player? Can a good player realize, what a game needs, to make it interesting for the most, not for the few best players?

Yes, very much so. The top 1% shouldn’t dictate balance, think more like a consultan.

For a lack of a better visualization, imagine a GPU average player is the average clock speed, good players are high and the best are benchmarks. Average wont use full potential etc.

From the general consensus of delevoper and these ‘’ layers ‘’ should be somewhat of a conclusion.

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Yep, take their opinion into account, but also listen to the needs of your average player.

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Can anyone post some videos of people making Spear and 1h Sword work well in Legend? I mean consistantly. I would like to know how they do it.

They don’t. They just tell how great these weapons are at forums.

they’re not my preferred weapons but i can make them work. spear for handmaiden tanking and 1h for shade. i’ll experiment with some video software and try to get some vids out, but my computer is a potato (4 years old running 770gtx already struggling with low setting on vermintide) so no promises that it will work for me tho rofl.

not me, but here’s one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7nDXrjPGl0

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So it does work for HM with +60% stamina regen. Ok, thanks, might try this build out.

I’m missing something 60% added the 50% talent and aura which is 30 or 50% ?.

But for what purpose ? :>

Hukon’s Tenacity: Increases stamina regeneration speed by an addtional 30%

So I am guessing the aura is also 30%, based on the description.

For push attacks. Watch the video.

Hmm, try it and see if you like it :slight_smile:

I have, and i didn’t feel that it was much different from her base regen.

Thought you would stack enough regen to out regen infantry attacks.

GL HF tho

You can’t do that, since stamina regeneration stops as soon as you parry an attack.

Will do, thanks.

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the difference is quite massive. try depleting your shields in the keep by block-pushing, then wait for shields to return, and compare with and without the talent.

and yes, for stamina to start regen after a few seconds, you cannot be using your stamina in any way.

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