Elf weapon feedback for legend

Semantics, but kruber bow, xbow, staffs and some other gunpowder weapons can do some work ! :slight_smile: also longbows armor pen is quite weak, it is only really worth headshotting SV’s unless you have an overflow of arrows.

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Glaive and Spear feel great atm, both have insane horde clear, with Glaive leading for Elite killing power.

Dual Swords, SnD and DD all feel great for Shade, but not amazing for the other careers. They are much more viable now though.

2h Sword on feels good on Shade, using ult for huge cleaves and horde clear. However, I can’t really think of a build on other classes where 2h Sword would be better than other weapons.

I had an ok working build with the 1H Sword, but it’s really lackluster.

Suggestions for melee

  • Make Dual Wield weapons have a combo for higher charged attack damage. e.g. two light attacks then a power attack for higher damage. Could also be done with the 1h Sword and would look cool too.
  • In V1 you had a trinket for poison chance on hit. That would be awesome as a talent for WS or Shade and would make dual wield or fast hitting weapons better and more interesting too.


Longbow is great if you go for headshots. It feels really balanced right now. WS you can have unlimited ammo still and Shade/Handmaiden just focus on specials and some elites.

Hagbane some of the traits aren’t working and it’s not clear how they do work with the damage being AoE. On WS it can be used as a ranged horde clear, but on Shade and Handmaiden it can mainly be used for heavy boss damage and horde clear if needed. It’s ok vs specials, but really bad vs armour. You really need someone to be running ranged special kill for this to work.

Xbow is just crazy good at horde clear, boss killing and elite killing. If you’re low on bolts, just fire into a horde and watch your ammo fill up. The animation freezing so you constantly shoot burst fire when you’re trying to shoot single bolts is annoying though.

Swift bow seems ok, but the other bows are much better for everything it can do. It’s probably the most boring bow. Would love a ‘special attack’ like Salt’s Rapier, where you shoot a fire arrow (maybe for higher boss damage?).

Suggestions for ranged

  • Xbow vs hordes is ridiculously strong. Consider reducing burst fire damage unless all 3 bolts hit the target?
  • Reduce Hagbane initial arrow damage and have it more about the DoT damage. This will make Hag feel even more unique while complimenting what it’s already good at.
  • Talents that change anything to Hagbane could be fun too. My favourite boss kill setup currently has Daggers and Hagbane, both with DoT damage. If there was a talent to change anything with DoTs that would be cool. Even if my DoTs benefit my allies some how.
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To my knowledge, the kruber longbow needs 7 consecutive headshots to down a chaos warrior and the crossbow even more. It’s really not worth it.
Staffs i don’t know, i heard the bolt can do some damage with a fully charged headshot, but the rest is less effective, but generally i would leave out sienna from ranged discussions since she is somewhat hard to compare.
I am not aware of any gunpowder based weapon [edit: other than the previously mentioned handgun] that is of any use vs chaos warriors.

With some +power you can 2 shot them in the body, making the longbow equivalent to the crossbow in it’s performance against them. Not sure what you think should be different.

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Krubers seemed to be wrecking CW with handgun in my runs the other day but I wasn’t paying too much attention. I know it wasn’t with ult exploit at least.

As in anything gunpowder based weapon besides the handgun.

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The topic reminds me of this one, in a sense, that OP seems to not understand the topic he’s talking about at all. Not only that, but he keeps creating the same topics again and again and again, god only knows why.

I don’t know about you, guys, but I don’t wanna participate in this Groundhog Day. If it was some kind of discussion, then at least it could be worth taking part in.

But in this topiс the author basically says “this is how I feel, deal with it”. Maybe you didn’t notice, but there is even no question here. So what’s the argue? Because one more person is wrong on the internet? idk, doesn’t feel as a good enough reason for me.


I thought this post sounded familiar… Haha

With that mindset would you do us a favor and make a megathread with the general consensus, to compress ? :slight_smile:

Impossible. The best I can do is make a voting for each individual weapon and make the majority decide what’s good and what’s bad.

I tried doing this, but it was very hard, since people mainly ignored original topic question, so I had to constantly monitor the topic, asking people directly. Also the lack of built-in voting system didn’t help at all.

I have already done similar thing btw, compiling the most needed changes. But it took me dozens of hours, more than 100 actually; and after finishing it I made a conclusion for myself, that such a thing is not worth doing at all if you’re not getting paid.

So I do ask people from time to time about the stuff that really interests me, but I am do not have any intentions of making yet another giant compilation.

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+1 i would never even start one as i mainly only write when i commute or is on the john : >

Forums are good for a general opinion from my experience.

I really do hope whoever monitors these forums take most things with a grain of salt. Since i’m sure there’s certain persons opinion they will take a bit more serious than some guy saying storm vermins are stupid because his light attacks cant 1 shot them etc. I havent watched too much from a guy like J.sat but he seems incredibly knowledgable about the games mechanics as a whole, i wouldn’t be surprised if got asked something along the lines of ‘’ What is your opinion on x y z’’.

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There is nothing to not understand. Explain how a weapon of the same class but a higher tier, with literally THIRTY TIMES THE POWER as the lower tiered weapon, only do 5% more damage?

What ways does one need to twist their own logic to justify that preposterously inept system?

It defies logic, it is counter to good design, and anyone who thinks that such a system makes sense much less is the best one does not wish to partake in any discussion any way, but rather do exactly what they accuse others of: “this is how I feel, deal with it”

OP has offered detailed critiques of each weapon, explained their positions on each one thoughtfully, and left more than enough room for debate. I don’t know what made you think that there needed to be a question here, because this section of the forum is explicitly titled “feedback”. Not sure how you missed it.

If this feels like “Groundhog’s Day” to you, that is because multiple people are noticing the same issues. I don’t agree 100% with OP, but there is clearly an issue with the game’s balance and the communication of that balance, and that is a common thread throughout much of the feedback for the current state of the game.

One more thing I’ll say about OP is at least they are trying to help Fatshark make this game what it deserves to be and so close to becoming, whereas all you’re doing is whining about someone having a different opinion than you.

I guess you missed the part where @NikKotovski said the OP has basically created the exact same thread multiple times…? So, not multiple people… lol

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i’ve stacked max crit but this isn’t a guaranteed to fill up your ammo, you still have to get lucky. if i am on 9 ammo, i’m not gonna risk depleting my ammo and be useless against specials after that, rather fill up with backstabs.

but yes, the xbow is godly strong against straight line hordes, provided you have ammo to spam. actually i take it back it’s godly against everything, the burst dps of the xbow is really strong.

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You didn’t get it, dude. That’s the OP from here, and he is not arguing about elf weapons, he is trying to argue about his topic.

Well… derp! I stand corrected.

Being good at the game, and being knowledgable - is two different things, and one doesn’t guarantee the other. One can understand the gameplay intuitively and be very good at it, while being bad at understanding the game from theoretical perspective, and vice versa. And that’s the problem

Moreover, a good player is likely to understand what good players need from the game. But what about an average player? Can a good player realize, what a game needs, to make it interesting for the most, not for the few best players?

Yes, very much so. The top 1% shouldn’t dictate balance, think more like a consultan.

For a lack of a better visualization, imagine a GPU average player is the average clock speed, good players are high and the best are benchmarks. Average wont use full potential etc.

From the general consensus of delevoper and these ‘’ layers ‘’ should be somewhat of a conclusion.

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Yep, take their opinion into account, but also listen to the needs of your average player.

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Can anyone post some videos of people making Spear and 1h Sword work well in Legend? I mean consistantly. I would like to know how they do it.

They don’t. They just tell how great these weapons are at forums.

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