Elf random death to naughty thin air

Randomly, Kerillian gets downed from nothing. Full hp. Sometimes through block (reported bug) but recently with waystalker and Sister… probably others too but not playing Shade until invisibility is patched- she just drops from nothing. Happening a lot in chaos wastes more, but no backstab audio bug is happening a lot so one always scans the cam behind when downed. If there’s nothing but a rock or just open ground and there was no sound, nothing hit you. But enemies spawning in and out of existence has been reported this patch too. So they could be just beastmen 1.0ing and killing ye silently then disappearing maybe? Any word on when a new patch is coming?

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Just played a few HM rounds- She has same issues as the other elves.
If it’s not magic spawning executioners blipping in and out midswing with god mode, it’s just walking into a merciless twig that insists you now have no HP…
probably connected to all the other issues reported this patch but worth mentioning.

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