Kerillian the Undying

I am unsure as to how this happened, so I am not able to provide instructions on how to reproduce. I died, but would not die, and was aggroing all the enemies.

This bug happened in the Chaos Wastes, on the map “Pinnacle of Nightmares” on legend difficulty.

Party was Shade, Unchained, Outcast Engineer, and Zealot.

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There is a boon “Morr’s Protection” which negates all damage for downed allies. IF the Unchained had that one and was within radius it would explain this.

And it would not be a bug. But without asking the Unchained (and the player actually remembering it), it is hard to tell if that was the case.

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unchained was quite a distance away, i doubt i was in the radius. and i wasnt “downed” at this point. i was standing, with my normal health maximum visible on the display. i was alive, yet not alive.

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