Undying Bardin Glitch

Bardin went down, got revived somehow (assuming it was a boon), he then “died” on his screen he was dead, but on mine he was incapped.
Trying to revive him didnt work and he was stuck in that state until we ended the session.

Video for reference - Vermintide 2 undying Bardin Glitch - YouTube

what he saw

This has been a bug ever since Chaos Wastes was introduced more than a year ago, and has been reported multiple times. It’s a Morr’s Protection bug and/or a Miracle of Isha bug.

Morr’s Protection: Downed teammates near you are invulnerable.
Miracle of Isha: When the last member of the party is knocked down, Isha restores their HP to full and strikes down nearby enemies.

Reports of this bug:

Other reports at Reddit:


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