Isha Miracle still malfunctioning

I’m down, Handmaiden is up. I get dealt a killing blow while down and Isha saves me but she just gives me green health while down, not raising me up. Handmaiden gets grabbed shortly after and it’s over.


  • Doesn’t revive downed player in this case.
  • It didn’t activate on the last player alive, but instead the second to last.

I’m sorry but thats pretty funny.

I know. Isha trolled the dwarf and spited the Elf. 10/10

The exact same thing happened to me yesterday, but as a bonus the two bots that were alive kept trying to revive me while my friend fought on to eventually die and end the run.

Oh my friend just mentioned he had the ‘downed allies are invincible’ boon too. I read somewhere that that boon combo can bug out

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