Elf javelin


Please make a melee version of this weapon with a block&slightly better horde clear even if that means the throw has to go, those stabs&animations are too damn beautiful to be left like in the backseat like this.

That’s all-

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I think a better solution would be to make javelin a melee weapon with block on right click and aiming with weapon special. Or perhaps throwing on left, blocking on right, melee on special, no specific aiming button.

Currently I find the melee capability of the javelin to be pretty underwhelming and redundant given that we alreay have another melee weapon.

I am perfectly fine with how Javelin is atm. It is much like Trollpedo or Shotgun in that you have a small crossover to the melee spectrum of fighting when it comes to melee pokes, blocking, or shoving respectfully.

Seems like people just want a second Spear or Spear and Shield. The melee poke of Javelin to me is either finishing of weaker enemies while not wasting a shot or the time to switch to a different weapon with different attack animations.


I just don’t see any use out of the melee capability. It doesn’t do anything of value with its weak attacks. Any situation in which the melee attack could be useful you can just as well just throw the thing and get it back in an instant, or switch to your melee weapon and block if there is more than one enemy.

IMO it should be put into the melee slot with the ability to block, would do way more than a redundant attack that doesn’t do anything. Would enable us to use the staff as secondary with a ranged capable melee weapon that is otherwise weaker than other melee weapons.

I figure it´d become overpowered if it could both toss and block, and the advantage of having the melee ability right now is how it can compliment whatever melee you bring.

It has good single target damage and surprisingly good anti armor capabilities even in melee, i found that pairing it with dual swords was a…potent, combination.

I completely get where you are comping from, it´s just that i honestly feel that the javelin is a better spear than the spear is. That one´s more like a blade-staff if anything , slower, does swings and it feels clumsier.

Javelin? Quick precise stabs, with good hitboxes and angles to boot.

It actually does a LOT of damage single target, especially if you are landing headshots, i think it does more than any other of her weapons except possibly her daggers in DPS although i havent tested that out properly.


In some ways Javelin is better when it comes to ranged capability and it’s damage but it is balanced compared to spear which has a wide block angle, good poke attacks, sweeping block attack and a sweeping heavy attack making it good against hordes and light chaff. With certain classes or potions the quick light attacks can be very effective against armor or bosses depending on the setup.

If anything Javelin plays to a pseudo melee playstyle in that the high single target damage + armor damage with optional ranged can allow for using a primary weapon that can be more useful against hordes. The lack of a block is a weakness paired for it’s strength - changing that you’d have to make the Javelin less effective which may have a negative impact on your current outlook of the weapon.

The main kicker that makes spear better against hordes is the fact that both the light stabs deal good damage and have surprisingly good cleave and low falloff on damage if i am not mistaken. The third light is a standard sweep that helps too.

Then, at least on the dummies, the crits have 0 falloff which is extremely unusual as far as i know, and of course the high block angle&push attack also play into it all.

The first heavy attack, the sweep however is not actually particularly good against hordes, low cleave and the damage isnt particularly good either, what makes it decent is a favorable movement pattern thing plus some stagger that allows for smooth followups.

I find myself not favoring that attack much at all however as generally as the use is too niche, like smacking 1-2 chaff enemies so you can do a heavy against a following elites. A heavy that actually doesnt do all that much damage outside a crit.

Provided you land a headshot.

That i do know, javelin actually only deals a bit better damage by default if i remember it right but it has better headshot modifiers and better angles. It feels quick and precise which is quite the opposite of the spear at times that can feel kinda clumsy.

Particularly how the light stabs go sorta upwards which screws a lot with headshot attempts since it tends to hit the enemy chest before the head somehow. You have to aim high to offset this but that screws with your vision instead. And the weapon only has 3 dodges too which is unusually low for the elf.

If we swap the throw for a block and give it´s light attacks similar anti horde capabilities as the spear i´d honestly probably never touch the spear again. The bad angles, that mostly useless first heavy attack and low dodges is just a bit too much to really feel great.

If i wanted to just mash attacks into a horde without any care then i´d pick glaive or even dual swords.

Testing the spear on the keep dummies the heavy attack can hit through 3 of the normal dummies including 1 armored dummy if it is situated at the end of the blow. Otherwise the heavy attack and block attack will just hit the armored dummy and not cleave through to any normal dummies after. Although the armored dummies do have shields.

So during a horde on Legend and below the spear is pretty simply to use. Soon as you play Cata or have a mixed crowd of elites with light enemies you have to play a bit more smart to make better use of the cleave. I do find it odd that the first heavy attack does more damage to an armored dummy as opposed to the second heavy attack which isn’t a sweep but a straight on skewer which should deal more damage to armor imo.

I find it odd that you bring up dodge for the spear being too low as “High Mobility” is one of it’s descriptors. I’m not exactly sure what that actually means whether it’s about dodge distance or dodge count. Maybe Fatshark should look into this if “High Mobility” isn’t actually the case.

In any case it seems like you are enjoying the aesthetic, damage and attack pattern / animation the Javelin brings to the table. When it comes to making it a full on melee weapon we’ll just have to disagree on that.

That´s bodyshots isnt it? Fairly sure the stab does way more when headshotting, especially with crits.

Goes for all elf weapons except glaive&1handed axe really, fatshark just could not cram all too many of those words in there. But it´s still on the lowest end of her spectrum.

Fair enough.

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