Eldrazor's Precision

tl;dr you hit harder, but your attacks are slower. It has nothing to do with your ult/“hero power”, FS pls fix description, it’s confusing.

For everyone, who thinks the eldrazor’s precision talent on handmaiden doesn’t work: it actually does, it just has an unfortunate description ;_; It doesn’t increase your hero power as in ‘your ult’, but the overall power of your hero, meaning you hit harder with this talent.

I’m not sure how many people didn’t know this, but at least while searching, I only saw people saying it doesn’t work, including two bug reports in this forum + reddit and steam, which is why I am writing this lol. Sry if you already knew.

I found this here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1391609963
where the talent is actually described with “Increases Power Level by 15% but reduces attack speed by 5%.” and after testing it, I can confirm :smiley:

It’s basically like hekarti’s bounty on shade, but permanent, which is great for hitting breakpoints like dual daggers vs. stormvermin or just a general strong power boost.

Why would you think it was increasing her ult?

It says power level in the title. People should be pretty aware that hero power level means the thing they’ve wasted days of their life maxing out to 30 because front loaded grind is good for the game…

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it never occurred to me that the description was talking about her ultimate.

when i read it the first time, it’s basically trading attack speed for attack power.


lol sry