Update on V2

Hello there, and merry Christmas!

Its been something like 8 month since i last played the game (maybe more can’t remember) so i am absolutely not up to date on some minor things that are not in any patches note i could read. It would be great if someone could answer those for me. Thanks!

-Does the “+X% power” on the talent work or is it as bugged as it always was when it didn’t work at all if you were max pow?
-Does Saltzpyre have a new rapier cosmetic yet?
-How are you?

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Welcome back!

As far as I know +power talents work as intended.
All weapons have a new Weave skin, currently only available in Weaves. They should be available for use in adventure maps after the holidays when the Emporium patch goes live.
I’m quite well, thank you!


Thanks for the answer! I am thrilled for the Lonher market place thingy. Made some games recently. Well, its much less painfull than i remember. And shield+weapon seems much more powerfull than when i left!

Its been a nice week where i live. Bit cold but nothing bad! Happy to hear you’re well!

all talents afaik work as host but there are a ton of talents that still do not work as client or work when you’re over 150 ping. For the most part, a lot of talents were fixed to work as client. I think there’s only 4 or 5 that don’t work.

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Which ones don’t work? I haven’t kept track :sob:

Talents not working as client is the one bug that just blows my mind, because it’s so damn easy to test, doesn’t require any special rare circumstances or skill… sigh.

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the only one i can think right off hand is the extra cleave talent for footkight I believe.

HUGE HUGE HUGE difference between playing as host vs. client even when under 100 ping. There are others but I hardly play the other heroes so I cannot remember which ones do not work. I mostly play as Kruber and most of his talents do work. It’s just that one I avoid like the plague when doing QP.