Misspelling, Wizard ulti bug, Beam staff manipulation

Hello Fatshark! First of all - Thank you for one of the most entertaining games of the year so far !

Now onto business my little goblins… First of all, in Festering Grounds during the intro, Rotblood in the first line has been written as Rotbood and it hasn’t been changed so far. Second, ever since the new Twitch patch, the Pyromancer’s ulti is bugging all over the place, whenever I throw it at an enemy it just spins around their heads for ages before it either vanishes or finally finds a new target after I manually kill the first one, making it rather tedious to throw it at elites. Sadness - Now third and foremost perhaps… I’ve encountered a bug with my beam staff, I have an exotic version which allows me to remove 4% of my overcharge on crits, but it actually removes 4 BARS of overcharge when I crit, and if I keep the beam going while this happens, then the overcharge never goes up, allowing me to keep a permanent beam on bosses/hordes until I manually stop it, without blowing myself up in the process that is. I also had an issue with not getting a reward after helping a guy complete his deed, but that was prior to the current patch so I’ve no clue whether or not that have been fixed yet. Might as well throw it in though! (And since I’m here, give us a High Elf mage or Hoth blademaster! <3) Again though, thanks for a great game! Can’t wait for the new maps and weapons :3

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