Big thanks to Fatshark QA, Moderators, Developers

Holy Sigmar, just look at all those “acknowledged” tags in the bugs forum!

The number of responses from Fatshark representatives is unprecedented and fantastic. In any community, people love to know that their voice has been heard, and you guys are doing an incredible job here.

Big shoutout to @Fatshark_Cee and @Fatshark_Hanna for keeping the peace and showing that Fatshark is listening to everyone. You guys rock!


Thanks for this, Nopunintendo! We know how frustrating bugs and technical issues can be (I mean, we’re gamers too!) so we’re more than happy to help in any way we can.

Please continue to feedback and report bugs as much as you can - it’s because of all of you communicating with us that we’re able to improve the game continously!

Best regards,


Acknowledgement and thanks goes a long ways, so thanks!

I have to admit - I’m grateful to whoever goes through the trouble of acknowledging all the issues - always good to know that such feedback is processed and problems are worked on.

On a related note - whoever at Fatshark fixed Bardin’s gauntlet clipping badly through his shields - know that there are people that really appreciate you doing that :slight_smile:


We appreciate your reporting immensely, as this is worth gold in terms of identifying issues and improving the overall game experience. So a big hearty thank you to all of you who’ve taken the time and effort to send us these bug reports :smile: