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Everything about edges in this game seems poorly thought out; especially when combined with how pushback works against players with no way to defend against it.

I just played a chaos wastes game where with decent boons we were cruising through. Last mission in the citadel as GK, three bannermen knocked me right off the edge just as the dwarf ranger flung off the edge because he was hit by a minotaur. The elf player was also pushed off the edge by another two bannermen. The last player was a warrior priest who tanked until he too was thrown off the edge by the minotaur while surrounded by a horde. This is garbage.

A little push from an elite, a monster throwing you a mile away, a banner is placed (which also forces your camera view to be cast in its direction), it’s like being cheesed the same way players cheese nasty grudge marked bosses off the edge in chaos wastes.

As an alternative, why not allow players to block and use their stamina and pull themselves up off the edge, only requiring a pickup from another player if they’re downed and off the edge. It happens too often that there’s no skill-based way to avoid the edge the same way you can avoid or outright kill hookrats, assassins, blightstormers, or leeches.

Monsters now just teleport back off edges as do enemies until they are so far away from the edge that they cartoonishly stand over the edge and then fall. It seems like the implementation is missing behavior, proper animations, and mechanics. for enemies around ledges, so instead they are just more difficult to push off by bouncing back onto solid ground sometimes. Players don’t get the same automatic push back onto solid ground as enemies do. At the very least, I’d recommend not allowing pushes to take a player off solid ground unless they are within a few steps of an edge and don’t allow elites or banners to push you off edges.


Khsar’s Uplift - When hanging from a ledge, automatically recover.
best boon ever


You would THINK so! We just had a hilariously bad interaction with the last map in Citadel of Eternity.

One of our players had good old Uplift, then a Minotaur showed up and he got punted out into space. This teleported him BACK to the previous level - and, with the event underway, there was no way to rejoin the party. Even worse, the party’s bot teleported to join him.

So, with half the party, hordes of baddies, and an angry Minotaur, the rest of us promptly died.

But that’s when the real horror showed itself. The path didn’t reappear, the enemies didn’t teleport across the gap; the poor guy was stuck, with no way to progress the map. The only thing left to do, in the end, was to commit suicide so at least we’d get SOMETHING. Some pilgrim’s coins, at least.

Except … he couldn’t. Good old Uplift kept him alive, no matter how many times he tried to fling himself to his doom.

In the end, we had to just quit the map. Which, of course, resets your pilgrim’s coins to zero. So, after running a map to the very end, we got NOTHING.

Thanks, edges!


Why wouldn’t the host just disband and rejoin so you could reattempt the map?

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