Easy new skins for Dual Hammer!

Currently there are a lot of one handed hammer skins for dwarf (at least 4 or 5) and for the dual hammer only 1. Knowing that the dual axes and one handed axe have the same skins, it would be logical to put the one handed hammer to the dual hammers… They’re already there! Just duplicate them, ta-dã new skinz ez! Also, any other hats and weapon skins would be aprecciated, doesnt need to be blue fluorescent, thank you, have a nice one :smiley:


Agreed, red weapon skins in particular need some more variation, especially on the DLC side. I were really bummed out when i learned that Divine Regulator (WH Axe) and Bok (DR hammer) have no veteran counterparts in VT2. The glow could be easily added, afaik it is simply a white mask texture slapped onto the albedo.


I’d really love to see a red skin using the base of the leaf-shaped blade for Kerillian’s one-handed sword. Especially if we could get a matching dagger skin! Those could be a new skins for Sword, Dual Sword, and Sword and Dagger!

All the DLC weapons (new careers ones included) need some new skins in the future.