Each new career deserves a 'personal quest' level

Seeing as how you’re adding a new careers to ever character, I think it’d be a fantastic bit of story telling if there was a ‘quest’ that each character had to go on in order to achieve their new career. Kruber would have to find the grail, bardin might discover some lost dawi outpost, Sienna completes a magister’s trial, Kerillian defends a grove, and victor recovers some relic or hammer (ooh, maybe his father’s hammer).


Not really, these Duties or better said, Vows, are Grail Knight specific for a reason, they need to be fulfilled in order to get the blessing of ze Lady (or Ladrielle , depending your point of view), not to mention that it would be imbalanced if other would get such “quests” as well granting party wide bonuses

I meant quest as a new map/level. As if Against the Grain was ‘quest’ to rescue captive prisoners. This has nothing to do with the Grail Knight duties. I just want five new levels with the theme being each of the new careers.

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This would be really cool, however I don’t see it happening. We’ll most likely get a 1-2 minute cinematic like Grail Knight.