Dying Instantly When Jumping Off Low Heights

Issue Summary:
When playing the game ive had this happen twice. One time as Kerillian as shown in the clip below, and a second time not recorded as Kruber in a different location. In this you can see i just jump off a shelf and onto the ground take a couple of steps and i die. I had not be downed at all that mission so there was no reason for me to completely die. The second time on hunger in the dark i stepped off a ledge drop that would stop you going back from where you were and i died instantly carrying a grim, which was super annoying as we lost it even though again i hadnt been downed before.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)

Additional Information:
https://clips.twitch.tv/AstutePoisedTrayPMSTwin clip as Kerllian dying

I’ve raised the one you clipped there. In these cases, very specific locations where it has happened are super useful :slight_smile:

Yeah sadly the second one happened when i wasnt streaming or recording so sadly i couldnt get a clip.

Had a game the other day on Convocation of Decay. We had 6 deaths just from walking during the course of the game, 3 of them right in the start. Literally, I dropped down the ledge at the spawn and my elf suffered a critical hit on her ankle and died. People say it’s tied to lag, but we all had decent pings.

It’s usually caused by the killbox beneath the world being too close to the floor and a character is interpolated briefly in to it, causing critical ankle hits.

Pardon the artistic impression of what this might look like but:

The solution is usually to just nudge the killbox further down, so even heavy interpolation stops the player actor from getting shredded but yeah. The boxes are needed as a “when things go really wrong, kill the player so they can at least respawn” (you’ll find them in almost all games where they’re needed so you dont end up endlessly falling in to nothing) but they can, sometimes, as pictured masterfully, cause the problem.


Interesting… so how come on maps like into the nest and Convocation of Decay their are so many of these “collisions” with the hit box? But on maps like Screaming bell, you can play handmaiden and just drop through the floor with a dash in bad spots? I know I’ve posted a bug report where I explored the entire underworld of Screaming bell a few months ago xD

Different level designers most likely, but could be more to it than that - it’s not my field so I’m not best positioned to speak on the nitty gritties (because I just don’t know! :slight_smile: ) but in short knowing the areas where this happens specifically allows me to let those who do know all the clever stuff so they can look in to what is causing it ‘right there in X spot’ and sort it out.

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Ahhh, very well. I shall take SS’s from now on when it happens to point out the spots. Thanks for the info baby <3

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Had this happen to a non-host player on Fort Brachsenbrücke, at the entrance to the final event. He jumped from the ramp (the one where you enter the fort, with healing items and ammo box nearby), and died upon landing.

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I actually had it happen to me on Legend difficulty on the first ramp in Righteous Stand (the curving one), except instead of killing one of us, it killed a rat ogre instantly. It was pretty funny, and honestly, the bug when it happens to players is also a bit funny (minus lost grims), because we just say that people tripped and died. Still, I can see why it’s a problem :slight_smile:

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Another spot:
Against the grain after crossing the bridge where the caos warrior is in.

Our Slayer jumped to his rest here:

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