Sudden Death, Dwarf died out of thin air

Playing Skittergate on Legend, joining from Sweden to an Irish server through Lobby Browser, I played for a good amount of time without any bugs, lags or anything.
After we cleared a horde and jumped down on the ice blocks after 2:nd Tome… I heard a flash kind of like when a storm sorc teleports as I landed on the ground and just died. Full health, and it happened in a split second.

I dunno if I got a bugged fall dmg, if a leech insta-killed me through a wall, but no matter how it was a bug. As my feet touched the ground the death animation started. Even on Cata a Leech doesn’t kill you in under 1 second? And the fall dmg from stepping off a PONT does no dmg usually and shouldn’t be lethal. What happened?

Sadly the rest of the team got wiped shortly afterwards and bugs like this really drain the joy out of playing V2. I heard another player mention this earlier today (or yesterday), on a different map but I didn’t believe him. He was playing as the elf.

Playing on PC, solid internet connection and first time this specific bug happened to me.

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This sounds a lot like the killbox bug. The place you describe is notorious for this. To quote:

It’s usually caused by the killbox beneath the world being too close to the floor and a character is interpolated briefly in to it, causing critical ankle hits.

Pardon the artistic impression of what this might look like but:


The solution is usually to just nudge the killbox further down, so even heavy interpolation stops the player actor from getting shredded but yeah. The boxes are needed as a “when things go really wrong, kill the player so they can at least respawn” (you’ll find them in almost all games where they’re needed so you dont end up endlessly falling in to nothing) but they can, sometimes, as pictured masterfully, cause the problem.


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