Duty and Courage weapon Illusion not showing up

After getting Grail Knight and buying the weapon illusion I can’t apply it or even see that I have it except in the store which says it is purchased. I tried this after making sure my sword and shield weren’t equipped to anyone and after that didn’t work crafted a new one entirely and still it doesn’t show up as an illusion to apply. Help?

Hi @TanielTwoTap

Can you message me with your Steam profile URL please so we can take a look into this?


Thanks @TanielTwoTap . I’ve taken a look at your account in our backend and can see that the Duty and Courage Weapon Illusion appears to have been added as expected, so I can only suggest to try verifying your game files.

Just follow the steps in this article:

Let me know if the weapon illusion shows up!

I verified the game files, none had to be reacquired and after the illusion was still not there.

HI @TanielTwoTap,

Apologies for getting back to you so slowly!

Just a thought, but some Weapon Illusion rarities are a little muddled currently, a known issue, can you check other rarities to see if the illusion is listed under a different one than expected?

Are you trying to apply it to the Empire S&S or the Bretonnian S&S?
Duty and Courage is an illusion for the Empire S&S, it won’t go on the Bretonnian S&S.

Just asking because you mentioned the Grail Knight.


Yup that’s it. Didn’t know Grail Knight had 2 different S&S, thanks.

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