Bought Illusion but didnt get it

hey i bought Gordrengi Tukaz but didnt got it, so i cant apply it on my axes :frowning:

my steam id profil is

thanks and greez!

Hi @icy,

In the backend I can see the illusion has been added to your account.

Is it possible the illusion is being displayed as a different rarity to what you’re expecting? I believe some illusion rarities are a little muddled.


thanks for your answer!
sadly there is still no illusion on my account :frowning: i allready tryed ‘’ [Verify Integrity of Game Files]’’ still no illusion, how can i fix it now :frowning:

Are the dual axes you want to put the illusion on equipped on your Slayer? That might prevent it from working. Or does the illusion just not show up amongst the options when you select the dual axes on “apply illusion” in the crafting menu?

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I already tried with on and off weapons, it’s not showing at any point :frowning: can’t even find the illusion but my coins are gone :frowning:

@icy, how does it show as bought in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders™ ? or is it still purchasable ?
Since Lev already said it was added to your account I’m guessing it’s bought but just checking.
Have you tried applying the illusion to the blacksmith’s version of the weapon ?

I see it as an orange illusion in the crafting menu.

Since patch 4.0 (I think) this is no longer an issue. You can apply illusions to equipped weapons without having to unequip them.

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yes i tried everything and i can still buy it from the vendor, there isnt written something like already bought :frowning:

Hi @icy

I’ve checked with one of our Backend Wizards and clarified what happened.

We can see the 1h axe illusion “Urklinkaz” has been purchased recently, but no others. I was mistaken before about which illusion I’d seen added to your account - apologies!!

No Shillings were charged for anything else.

I’ve gone ahead and refunded the Shillings to you so you can now purchase your desired illusion :slight_smile:


Gordrengi Tukaz is a dual Urklinkaz, so might have bought the wrong one by mistake ? :thinking:
Oh well, solved now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


hey! big thanks for your help ! i hope you all have a nice week !


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