Crafting Bug - No 'blue glow' on Upgraded Orange Dual Axes to Red

Issue Summary:
I upgraded dual axes on Dwarf Slayer from orange to red; however, no blue lit illusion was applied to the item afterward. Originally they had the Tukazulaz illusion, and once upgraded from orange to red, didn’t have any red ‘blue glow’ illusion. I swapped it to Grobdrengi Tukaz, and still nothing.

Anyway to have this fixed?

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have an orange dual axe item in inventory
  2. Upgrade item to red
  3. Re-equip item

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

I have to sadly inform you that crafting reds does not give you a red illusion. Those are only found by unboxing.
You can tag your thread with not-a-bug now.

You can rant now below FS deserves it. :wink:


Even though the majority decision by players was to get the red illusion while crafting fatshark would instead prefer to troll its players and further diminish the player base.


Yeah. I agree that this was a mistake on Fatshark’s part.

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No soup for you. You dont get the blue runes skin thats indicative of that red native quality on all weapons for all careers in the game. You only get those by actually getting them.

Meanwhile, I have specifically changed illusions for all my red weapons and I’m waiting patiently for a mod which would remove the ugly glow from other players as well.

I wonder if it’s again the FS “randomness”^tm thing, because seems that the more I use a weapon, the less I get it in the boxes. Is it “randmonnez” (random+monnez, monnez in Naples means trash) or wrong side of the bell curve?

The official reply was that “you’re not supposed to get the illusion because it takes away the accomplishment of those who have found it”.
Like I haven’t spent HUNDREDS of hours grinding???
Nevermind the fact that I have trashed 5 fire swords out of 12 to make that f*cking red dagger I never got from the lootboxes.
Nevermind the fact that I have at least 5 from every other weapon on her, be it melee or staff.
Nevermind the fact that there are 6-8 pages of red jewelries that I could trash.


the randomness of life in a game!

Crafting any weapon of any rarity yields no illusions.

Why would we get them for reds?

Besides, some of the red illusions are garbage.

For example:
Sienna’s red mace and fireball staff - blue tint for illusion doesn’t even show up

So, I put the adept’s illusion on both and they look much better. At least you can SEE the illusion. Nothing special about crappy blue tint.

Red illusions are rare and precious, blah blah blah, too bad most of them are extremely low quality and low effort. F.e. Saltzpyre’s red rapier - it’s the most basic unbalanced rapier skin with some glowing thingies, OK, I get it, this one is better made - but why do I get a goddamn patchwork pistol to go along? It looks like it was broken and pieced together with bloody duct tape.
Oh and basically all red illusions are just lazy remakes of already available skins. And even these best weapons in game are still in a state of deep disrepair/trash level and not suitable for combat, really. All the while dorf’ IB armor doesn’t even have a scratch on it.

I really liked how the first game handled the red weapon skins. They looked very fancy and most of them looked much better than the orange versions. Too bad that there are only different glow recolors coming up in the future.


There is no challenge or accomplishment in RNG.


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