Dumpstered performance since today

Since today the performance has been utterly unplayable, I haven’t played since Hi Shock wasn’t on the board, changed no settings, and came back today to see the game reaching low 30s in the framerate department and never hitting even 60.

I used to get consistent over 100 fps, am running the game with a 4090 and an r9 5950x.

Here’s the console log

console-2023-06-29-18.20.25-57e0c58a-ac26-4d01-a0b6-91c49f12b9fc.log (241.9 KB)

ive been getting some massive frame drops and performance issues recently to the point that i was convinced that fatshark had seperate servers for people who prebought to the people who’ve normally bought, to the people who have been unbanned for whatever reason.

Never had problems to constantly have problems.

It’s almost unplayable during hordes.

How recent are we talking about ? I didn’t play all of last week, it was fine right before then, and today the game was unplayable

around then as well

heard from 2 or 3 games that theyre having issues as well but said it might be “confirmation bias”

starting to think that its wide spread though, either that or they actually have different servers for different types of players

I have been experiencing slowdowns as well during gameplay since this week.

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The performance issues appear to be worse.

I noticed that when an enemy I haven’t seen yet in the mission appears, there is a severe slowdown.

I’ve also noticed dogs teleporting back and forth.

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