Dueling Sword, Heavy Sword and Sapper Shovel being class restricted

A lot of people I’ve played with mentioned lack of early game weapon variety being one of the biggest drawbacks of the game’s progression system.

In my opinion making following weapons available to all human sized characters obviously will not solve the issue but it might help a little bit with variety on low levels during pre-order beta. Also those weapons don’t have any class specific mechanics so having them available to everyone would make sense (arguably even more sense than giving away catachan knives to random convicts).

Also some of the descriptions for those weapons (mainly heavy swords) mention them being styled after weapons issued to imperial guard and not having them on actual guard veteran seems very weird. And having dueling swords on veteran would be very nice, considering most tabletop models of guard that use swords have sabres/cutlasses/backswords.

What are you thoughts on this idea?

P.S.: I just really want a sabre on veteran and was a bit disappointed with power sword’s look (it looks like a toy more than an actual sword).

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I said the closed beta started too slow and it seems to be the case here. While eventually the combat gets amazing, Fatshark has to retain newer and less committed players. I think it’s advisable to sacrifice some of the grind