Maccabian duelind sword for veteran

Now first of all, i find it quite interesting that vet doesnt get the Maccabian dueling sword since Maccabeus is really know for the guard regiment, Maccabian janissaries.

Please, i would hope that someone would atleast consider adding the sword for vet too, especially now, when we have the squadleader themed talents. Vet weapons for the most part are really bulky and clumsy. The dueling sword would be a nice change of phase, and would be extrimely aesthetically pleasing and fitting for our distinquished officer builds.

Absolutely love the dueling sword on psyker, so please, let the veterans have some style too!


while i’d love to have the dueling sword on vet simply for the commissar fantasy, in it’s current form the dueling sword would be an incredibly powreful single target melee weapon added to a class with a heavy ranged focus. The dueling sword can outdps chainsword and chainaxe special attacks with rending while being much more mobile. The stamina is a balancing factor sure but idk if it is enough.

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Thing is, the new patch really emphasizes player choise and build variation. a melee vet is very possible.

@FatsharkCatfish pleeeease :blush:

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OP is right. If it was a signature imperial guard weapon the guardsman should absolutely have it. It’s just too stupid for it to be in the game, have that lore, and not be usable by a guardsman.


Honestly when we were thinking that we would still have class locked weapons I though that the Duel Sword would be available to certain Vet classes and for other the Heavy Swords


While we’re at it give Vets a Flamer. There’s literally a model for it!

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Dueling sword, power sword, and heavy sword should all be usable by the 3 human classes

I think they should give everyone (except Ogryn, is tiny toothpick) access to dueling swords, I’d love to use them on Zealot and Vet.

honestly everyone should be abel to get most weapons, apart from the obvious class spesific weapons, like plasma for guardsman and psykers force weapons.

That would give so many more build possibilities and that way even more fun.

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