Dropship VFX/Texture white flicker

Dropship Hologram/Mission briefing texture white flicker

During the cutscene when you start each mission, the hologram/briefing screen that plays while your NPC mission contact’s dialogue plays has a constant flicker. I’ve seen people on high end systems show a sort of refraction effect.

Its like the transparency effect breifly glitches out.

I’ve progressively changed all visual settings from highest to lowest and have been unable to change the effect.

running a 1080ti with latest drivers, unsure if this is caused by using a non RTX GPU.

Steps to Reproduce: Play Any mission with the green holograms on dropship.

Platform: Steam

Player ID:

Reproduction Rate: Constant (100%)

Link to a youtube video that shows the same flickering, I’ll upload my own shortly.

We’ll check it out. Thank you!

Better clip of just the effect in question.

EDIT: Furthermore can confirm it appears both on my desktop with a 1080ti and my laptop with a 3060, so having a RTX enabled GPU makes no difference.