Drakecannon dont stun Flame/Ratling-rat

When we attack these special enemies (Flame-rat and Ratlingun) with the Drakecanon, they should be stunned, but they are only stunned in the “fast shot”, the reloaded shot of the cannon does not stun anything, which is silly and very annoying.

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It’s in the patch/change notes. It doesn’t stun most of the bigger enemies now (on charged).


Where? I cant see any note about the stun, only damges and heating.

Patch 2.0
Weapons section

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Yes, but the changes affect in one porcent, the problem is that dont affect, not “affect less”.

If I remember correctly stagger resist also went up. That in combo of 1.0 down to .3.

Basically the left click now has a usage.

This would mean that LMB click did 75% of base stagger and was tuned up to 100% of base stagger.

This is the biggest change for most users, I think, where stagger vs stormvermin and chaos walkers etc. on charged attack changed from 100% to 30% (50% on crit).

It went up like crazy in 2.0 and down like crazy (up to Legend difficulty) in the last patch.

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