Don't delete legendary deeds after they've been completed (let us replay them but maybe without the bonus loot)

With some people complaining about Legendary being “nerfed” they demand more of a challenge. I personally think the changes were good, that the focus of the game should be fighting hordes, not special spams, but without the special spam Legend does need some tuning. Because even pre 1.04, most of a Legendary level was pretty easy and only became hard when the director spawned everything on you at once. Now that that isn’t the case, something needs to be done about hordes being trivialized by certain weapons and classes. (Please buff hordes and don’t just nerf classes and weapons).

But until that happens a relatively quick fix Fatshark can do is let us keep legendary deeds after we finish them. You can even make them not give us any extra bonus loot after the first. But it would be nice to let players customize their challenge. You could even let us loot red deeds that award a random cosmetic or something on completion but are replayable without the reward (maybe just a free loot die on subsequent playthroughs) - that way you won’t even have to touch the other deeds but could just add the red ones and make those replayable.


Agree, I think it’d be really cool to have something like an archive of completed heroic deeds, so you can go back and replay ones you’ve done before just for fun, without the bonus reward.

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I think it’d be really fun if once we complete a Deed we “extract” the features of it (like “You have unlocked the ability to do constant damage, or autokill on downed”). Then we can build our own mutations/level setups to play with friends. No extra rewards or chests needed. Purely for the variety and fun.

Sort of like the Idols from Bastion or Artifacts from Risk of Rain if anyone is familiar with those games.

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