Does Vermintide 2 Use Flip Model? What About Triple Buffering?

I’m almost certain the DX12 has a triple buffering requirement, and despite being DX12, somehow V2 doesn’t use triple buffered V-Sync right? Because it tears with V-Sync off (in-game), and with V-Sync on it drops to refresh rate interval, which triple buffered V-Sync shouldn’t do.

As for Flip Model, this is pretty important. I haven’t really noticed any performance between borderless and fullscreen, but I also have not tested explicitly.

With Flip Discard + Triple Buffering, you should get no screen tearing at almost every FPS, and very little performance difference compared to exclusive fullscreen.

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I… honestly, have no idea. I’ll query this internally.

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Thanks, would love to have an answer for this. Currently, screen tearing is basically unavoidable unless you use G-Sync (which is hardware based) or don’t mind halving your frame rate every time a horde starts. Flip Discard is a requirement of DX12, also meaning that solutions like Fast Sync do not work, because they are supposedly not needed (due to flip discard).

And for that matter, DX12 doesn’t even include an exclusive fullscreen mode. Meaning whatever Vermintide uses must be some sort of DX12 hack. Yet the performance gains during a horde from DX12 are very real. So I don’t know.

Sorry for the delay, I have answers for you:

  1. We do use Flip Model - it’s a requirement for DirectX 12
  2. We use Double Buffering, but you can see how you like Triple Buffering by adding this line into the user_settings.config:
    buffer_count = 3

I know flip model is a requirement, but due to apparently not using flip discard, I thought maybe some sort of hack was being used. Nice to know though. I definitely will try that to triple buffer. But is there any reason that is not the default for DX12?

From what I’m understanding, it was because our developers thought Double Buffering produced better results

Ah. Not trying to argue, but I really can’t see how they would come to that conclusion. Triple buffering has no perceptible extra input lag over double buffering, and also won’t halve your FPS when dropping below your refresh rate (which happens a lot due to this game being very CPU limited, and having optimization issues with particles, Chaos Wastes, etc.).

Anyways, thank you for the config line, after my limited testing it works well! Would love to see an option in the menu for it eventually.


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